What Is A Spark Plug?

A spark plug is a small, threaded electrical component that features an electrode at one end and conductive metal components separated by an insulator at the other. A set of threads allow it to be screwed tightly into openings in the engine’s cylinder head, with one per cylinder.

All engines need spark plugs. It supplies an electrical current to the two electrodes in your engine’s combustion chamber. When this happens, an electrical arc forms and ignites the fuel-air mixture within the cylinder. After all of this goes off, another explosion known as the power stroke pushes the pistons downward, which distributes forces throughout your engine.

How Does A Spark Plug Work?

The spark plugs ignition coil, which is attached to the terminal side of the spark plug, enters the combustion chamber. It ensures that pressure generated from an engine’s combustion process cannot escape. The gasket helps form a tight seal, ensuring no pressure can escape.

The ignition system sends a controlled spark through the plug, which jumps across the electrodes resulting in a visible spark.

How Do We Pick The Best Spark Plugs?

To find the best spark plugs, we looked at various factors. The most important factor is how often they need to be replaced. We also considered the different types of plugs. We then looked at reviews from experts and drivers to better understand which plugs are best for certain makes and models. Plus, we always pay attention to OEM recommendations.

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