NGK 7131 BPR6ES Cross Reference

Regarding vehicle maintenance, ensuring optimal engine performance is our top priority. The NGK 7131 BPR6ES spark plug is key to achieving just that. Renowned for its quality and reliability, these NGK spark plugs have become a go-to for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Finding the right NGK BPR6ES equivalent is crucial when specific models are unavailable. You can smoothly transition from a BPR6ES spark plug to Champion or other brands, thanks to detailed cross-reference data. This not only ensures continuous performance but also compatibility.

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NGK 7131 BPR6ES Cross Reference Chart

Part NumberPart NumberPart Number
Beck/Arnley 1765084Bosch 241235602Bosch 242235537
Bosch 4016Bosch 4025Bosch 4216
Bosch 4225Bosch 7500Bosch 7501
Bosch 7594Bosch 7595Bosch 7900
Bosch 7995Bosch W200T35Bosch W7DSR
Bosch WR6DCBosch WR6DPBosch WR7DC
Bosch WR7DDC4Bosch WR7DPBosch WR8DC
Champion 2332Champion 332Champion 332ECO
Champion 415Champion 415-1Champion 415C2
Champion 415ECOChampion 415SChampion 8415
Champion 8415-1Champion 8415-2Champion RN10Y
Champion RN7YCChampion RN9YChampion RN9YC
Champion RN9YCCDENSO 3047DENSO 3204
Motorcraft 1Y01Motorcraft AGR22Motorcraft AGR22C
Motorcraft AGR22CUMotorcraft AGR32Motorcraft AGR32C
Motorcraft AGR32CUMotorcraft AGS22CMotorcraft SP402
Autolite 3203Autolite 3204Autolite 63
Autolite 63BPAutolite 63DP2Autolite 64
NGK 7131ACDelco 1835028TACDelco 1835036T
ACDelco 2R42XLSACDelco 2R43XLSACDelco CR42CXLS
ACDelco R43CXLSACDelco R43XLSYanmar 160693-78010
Daihatsu 90048-51096-000E3 E3.22Magneti Marelli 61830211304
Magneti Marelli 62000740304Magneti Marelli CW78LPRMagneti Marelli CW7LPR
Magneti Marelli F7LCRSuzuki 09482-00299Suzuki 09482-00487
Honda 08983-999-010Honda 98079-56846Honda 9807956846A0
Isuzu 8-94219943Isuzu 8-94219943-0Mitsubishi MS851233
Mitsubishi MS851236Mazda 0000-18-1690Mazda 1690-18-110
Subaru 22401AA220Kubota E6121-6771-1Torch F6RTC
Yamaha 94701-00234Yamaha 94702-00234Yamaha 94703-00234
Kawasaki 92070-1025Kawasaki 92070-2082Kawasaki 92070-2085
Oregon 77-312Brisk LR15YCBrisk LR15Z
Nissan 22401-V1416Nissan 22401-V1486-PCNissan 22401-V1491
Nissan 22401-W9816Nissan 22401-Y9216Nissan B2401-V1416

Understanding the NGK 7131 BPR6ES Spark Plug Specifications

The BPR6ES features high-quality components engineered for longevity, efficiency, and superior performance:

NGK 7131 BPR6ES Nickel Spark Plug, 4-pack
  • Thread Diameter - 14mm
  • Thread Pitch - 1.25mm
  • Seat Type - Gasket
  • Hex Size - 13/16" (21mm)
  • Gap - .035" (0.9mm)
  • Center Electrode - Nickel
  • Ground Electrode - Nickel
  • Heat Range - 6
  • Longevity - 30,000 Miles
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Product NameNGK 7131 BPR6ES Spark Plug
DescriptionThis is a high-quality nickel spark plug that is designed to provide optimal performance and long life. It features a removable terminal nut, a 0.9mm gap, and a heat range of 6.
SpecificationsShell: Nickel, Thread Diameter: 14mm, Thread Pitch: 1.25mm, Seat Type: Gasket, Reach: 19mm (3/4″), Hex Size: 13/16″ (21mm), Terminal Type: Removable Nut, Overall Height: JIS, Gap: .035″ (0.9mm)
Center ElectrodeMaterial: Nickel, Type: Standard, Size: 2.5mm, Projection: Projected
Ground ElectrodeMaterial: Nickel, Type: Standard
Resistor Value5k Ohm
Heat Range6
Torque SpecsCast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft.
Part InformationBrand: NGK/NTK, Longevity: 30,000 Miles

Nickel Alloy Electrodes

Both the center and ground electrodes utilize premium nickel alloy that resists corrosion and wear. Nickel alloys maintain precise gaps for a strong spark.

Silicate Ceramic Insulator

The pure alumina silicate ceramic effectively prevents electrical leakage while withstanding high combustion temperatures. Its high mechanical strength also resists fouling deposits.

Trivalent Metal Plating

The corrosion-resistant plating prevents seizing during installation and removal while providing exceptional anti-corrosion properties under extreme operating conditions.

Reasons Professionals Rely on the BPR6ES

Its sturdy construction and optimized components make it easy to see why we trust the BPR6ES for many makes and models.

Proven Track Record

The BPR6ES has demonstrated consistent and reliable performance across various applications, from everyday commuting to demanding motorsports.

Broad Compatibility

It meets OEM specifications for an extensive range of Asian and domestic vehicles. The BPR6ES can also replace many competitor plugs.

Stock Replacement

The plug is ideally suited for stock replacement, especially if the original plug utilized a projected tip design rather than surface discharge.

NGK BPR6ES Cross Reference Autolite

BrandPart number

NGK BPR6ES Cross Reference Bosch

Bosch Part Number
Bosch 4016
Bosch 4025
Bosch 4216
Bosch 4226
Bosch 7500
Bosch 7501
Bosch 7594
Bosch 7595
Bosch 7900
Bosch 7995

NGK BPR6ES Cross Reference Champion

Here is the list of the Champion spark plugs that correspond with the NGK 7131 BPR6ES:

  • 332
  • 8415
  • RN7YC
  • RN9YC

Difference Between NGK BPR6ES and BPR7ES

When selecting between the NGK BPR6ES and BPR7ES spark plugs, it is important to understand the major differences to choose the best option for your vehicle. In this comparative guide, we will contrast these two popular plugs across critical factors impacting performance.

Heat Range Comparison

The heat rating is the most significant difference between the BPR6ES and BPR7ES.

BPR6ES Heat Range 6

With a heat range of 6, the BPR6ES maintains lower internal operating temperatures, which are more suitable for stock replacement applications.

BPR7ES Heat Range 7

The BPR7ES has a higher heat range of 7, meaning it can withstand higher heat inside the combustion chamber before the self-cleaning process starts.

So, the BPR7ES is less prone to overheating and pre-ignition in modified high-performance engines generating increased temperatures.

Construction and Components

Both plugs share the same high-quality copper core and nickel alloy electrodes. However, a few minor construction details differ:

  • The BPR7ES utilizes a projected tip style, while the BPR6ES uses a surface discharge configuration.
  • The thread diameter and reach are slightly longer on the BPR7ES.
  • The BPR7ES has a taper seat interface compared to the gasket-style seating on the BPR6ES.

Due to the heat range discrepancy, each plug suits different applications:

  • Most stock replacement scenarios
  • Light engine modifications
  • Everyday driving

BPR7ES Well-Suited For:

  • High-performance turbocharged or supercharged engines
  • Race vehicles and tuned sports compacts
  • Off-road and marine applications

Properly matching the heat range to your specific vehicle and operating conditions ensures optimal performance. Contact our experts if you need help deciding between the NGK BPR6ES and BPR7ES spark plugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the heat range of the BPR6ES?

The heat rating of the BPR6ES is 6. This means it is ideally suited for most stock replacement applications.

Are there different variants of the BPR6ES?

Yes, there are a few variants with minor differences in configurations, including electrode style and terminal ends. Make sure to reference catalog data to match the appropriate plug for your vehicle.

What is the expected lifespan of the BPR6ES?

With proper maintenance and normal operating conditions, the BPR6ES can often achieve a service life of up to 30,000 miles. High-performance applications may require more frequent replacement.

Why does the BPR6ES have a removable nut terminal?

The removable nut terminal provides flexibility for custom wiring installations. It can also facilitate easier boot placement over the terminal end of the plug.

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