NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide

As an expert in automotive components, I’ve seen an array of spark plugs, but few match the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 in versatility and reliability. This guide delves into the importance of proper spark plug cross referencing, ensuring that your engine maintains peak performance with the correct spark plug substitution. You’ll soon discover why the NGK spark plug cross reference process is integral to finding the perfect match for your vehicle, and how the BKR4ESA-11 spark plug cross reference is a testament to NGK’s commitment to compatibility and quality.

Understanding the Basics of Spark Plug Cross Reference

The realm of automotive maintenance brings to the forefront the criticality of the spark plug cross reference. This intricate process involves aligning a replacement spark plug to the specifications of an existing one, a task where precision is paramount. In this regard, my deep-diving into the NGK 7755 cross reference and NGK BKR4ESA-11 cross reference underscores their pivotal role in engendering engine compatibility and optimal performance.

At the core of the cross referencing system is a meticulous look-up matrix that tips mechanics and enthusiasts on the correlates of the NGK 7755 or NGK BKR4ESA-11, thus enabling the identification of suitable substitutions from a vast pool of spark plugs. Below is an essential guide that will assist in distinguishing viable alternatives for the Nissan SAB330NG0511, which through genuine matching, points to the Magneti Marelli 062120030312 as a direct replacement.

  • Meticulously verify engine requirements: Despite the general correlation, the specifics of an engine dictate the perfect plug match.
  • Assess the operational range: Ensuring the chosen spark plug maintains the necessary heat range is indispensable.
  • Account for electrode material: Longevity and performance hinge upon the correct electrode material choice, be it nickel, platinum, or iridium.

Below is a crystallized illustration that delves into the indirect matches for the Magneti Marelli 062120030312, a beacon guiding us through the labyrinth of potential substitutes. This information, distilled from reliable sources, furnishes the user with a wealth of alternatives to consider for precise engine-tuning. Pay keen attention to the detailed cross references and current market offerings of other brands.

Brand Model Number Notes Price on Amazon
Bosch 0242229719 Known for consistency N/A
Champion OE145T10 Reliable and durable N/A
NGK 7098 Platinum Alloy Spark Plugs USD 6.53
NGK 7755 Standard Plug BKR4ESA-11 USD 5.90
NGK 7090 G-Power Spark Plug USD 32.72 (8 Pack)

It’s essential to acknowledge that while comprehensive, this spark plug cross reference serves only as a general guidance. Thus, caution should be exercised: verification of specifications and measurements bespoke to your application is non-negotiable. The pursuit of perfection in engine alignment may bear the sweet fruits of performance, efficiency, and longevity. Let us forge ahead with the cognizance that selecting a spark plug is both a science and an art, with the NGK BKR4ESA-11 cross reference holding an esteemed place in the pantheon of engine service.

Exploring the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 Specifications and Features

As an automotive journalist with a focus on quality components, I take pride in highlighting the significant role of a spark plug in an engine’s life and performance. Today, we’re spotlighting an exemplar of durability and efficiency: the NGK spark plug BKR4ESA-11. The integration of nickel in its construction upholds its reputation, not just as a mere replacement, but as a spark plug that enhances an engine’s ignition process.

The Role of Nickel in NGK Spark Plugs

Nickel spark plugs, known for their steadfast performance, are a staple for drivers who seek both quality and value. The NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 utilizes a robust nickel alloy that encompasses both the center and ground electrodes. This strategic use of nickel fosters noteworthy thermal conductivity and longevity, securing a steadfast performance across various operating conditions.

Key Performance Attributes of the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11

In the world of spark plugs, a minute distinction can culminate in substantial performance differentials. The NGK 7755 spark plug, facilitating optimal combustion, ensures your vehicle operates with exquisite efficiency. The fine-wire nickel-alloy electrode of the NGK 7755 minimizes the required voltage, which in turn, reduces ignition system stress and contributes to a more reliable spark.

  • Durability: Crafted to endure harsh engine conditions, this plug is built for the long haul.
  • Heat Transfer: Excellent heat dissipation helps prevent overheating and pre-ignition.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimal combustion creates a more complete burn, enhancing fuel economy.

Compatibility with Vehicle Models

One of NGK’s hallmarks is its extensive compatibility across a diverse spectrum of vehicles. By crafting a plug that adheres to generic requirements without sacrificing individual engine idiosyncrasies, NGK delivers on its promise of universality. The NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug is perfectly compatible with a wide range of models from established automotive brands such as Nissan, Daihatsu, Honda, and more, cementing its position as a go-to for countless vehicles.

Manufacturer Model NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 Compatibility
Nissan Various Models Compatible
Honda Select Models Compatible
Mazda Mazda 6, MX-5 Compatible
Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander Compatible

The NGK BKR4ESA-11 cross reference serves as a robust guide for professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug can be selected with the utmost confidence. It’s vital to verify the exact compatibility as per the NGK 7755 cross reference to maintain the integrity and performance of your vehicle’s engine. Thus, continuing the legacy of NGK spark plugs’ reliability across countless ignitions.

Comparing NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 with Other Brands

When conducting a cross reference for the NGK BKR4ESA-11 spark plug, I focus on precision and compatibility. The NGK spark plug cross reference process highlights the extraordinary interchangeability of the BKR4ESA-11. My analysis below compares the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug with a spectrum of other reputable brands to ascertain its position within the market.

For car owners, choosing the right spark plug is paramount. A proper cross reference ensures that your vehicle retains its efficiency and performance, regardless of the selected brand. The BKR4ESA-11 spark plug cross reference demonstrates how each spark plug brand offers different attributes, yet many can serve as a suitable replacement for the NGK 7755.

  • Reliability across various combustion environments
  • Compatibility with a wide range of vehicle makes and models
  • Durability for consistent engine performance

Comparatively, let’s evaluate some of the indirect matches for the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11, based on their features and compatibility with various automotive models:

Brand Model Number Compatibility Insights Projected Durability Relative Price Point
Champion OE145T10 Widespread applicability Designed for long-term use Usually moderate
Bosch FR8DPX Adaptable to high-performance engines Superior longevity Mid to high-range
Magneti Marelli 062120030312 Direct replacement for specific models Robust construction Competitive
Denso 0677008680 Emphasizes fuel economy Reliable in varied conditions High-value proposition
Motorcraft AGSP32Z Optimal for domestic vehicles Engineered for efficiency Varies with vehicle specification

The brands and models above are a representation of the NGK spark plug cross reference spectrum, a testament to the NGK 7755’s flexibility. In the end, the BKR4ESA-11 spark plug cross reference illustrates not only the versatility of the NGK 7755 but also the abundant alternatives available to maintain your vehicle’s vitality. The key takeaway is the enduring compatibility, ensuring that the spark plug you choose meets, or exceeds, the original equipment’s performance expectations.

Where to Buy NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 Spark Plugs

In my quest to equip fellow auto enthusiasts with the critical know-how on procuring the ever-reliable NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs, I’ve conducted extensive research into the most accessible online platforms. Among the plethora of online retailers, Amazon stands out as a prominent source, offering competitive pricing and varying pack sizes to satisfy diverse maintenance needs. Whether you’re in search of a single plug or a comprehensive set, the NGK 7755 spark plug cross reference on Amazon covers a broad pricing spectrum, mindful of different consumer demands.

Online Retailers and Affiliate Program Information

While scouring the digital landscape for the NGK spark plug BKR4ESA-11, it’s crucial to recognize that pricing isn’t the sole factor to consider. Many of these online retailers, including Amazon, are part of affiliate programs where referred purchases may yield a commission. While this doesn’t affect the purchase price, it does support platforms that specialize in NGK BKR4ESA-11 cross reference information. This symbiotic ecosystem ensures that consumers like us can continue to benefit from comprehensive cross referencing services, enabling us to make informed decisions rooted in quality and efficiency.

Pricing Information: Getting the Best Deals

My approach to securing the best deals on NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs is both strategic and methodical. By meticulously analyzing the offers from various vendors, I uncover pricing patterns and promotional offers that can lead to significant savings. Although prices may range from approximately USD 5.90 to USD 46.63, fluctuations are often influenced by quantity and vendor-specific deals. To capitalize on the best deals, one must remain vigilant about the inventory updates across these online platforms – after all, a well-timed purchase decision might yield just the right balance between cost-effectiveness and premium engine performance.


What is the purpose of a spark plug cross reference?

A spark plug cross reference is used to find alternative spark plugs that are compatible with the performance and specifications of a specific model, like the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11. It ensures the correct spark plug is used for a particular vehicle’s engine, as incorrect matching can lead to performance issues or engine damage.

Can the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 be cross-referenced with other brands?

Yes, the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 can be cross-referenced with a multitude of other spark plug brands, such as Magneti Marelli, Beru, Bosch, Champion, and many more. It’s crucial to verify the specifications and measurements for your specific application to ensure a proper fit and function.

Why are nickel alloy materials used in NGK spark plugs?

Nickel alloy is used in the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug for its durability and excellent thermal conductivity. Nickel-tipped spark plugs are strong and can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, which makes them an appropriate choice for various automotive purposes.

What are the key performance attributes of the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug?

The NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug offers reliable performance, including the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality, as well as excellent ignition capabilities. The design and materials used in this plug provide consistent and efficient performance across a range of conditions.

What types of vehicles are compatible with the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11?

The NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plug is compatible with a wide array of vehicle models from various manufacturers, such as Nissan, Daihatsu, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi, among others. Compatibility with so many models indicates NGK’s recognition and trust in the automotive industry.

How does NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 compare with spark plugs from other brands?

Comparative analysis shows that the NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 is a competitive option in the spark plug market due to its robust specifications and adaptability to various vehicle models. Its versatility is highlighted by its equivalence to a large number of replacement spark plugs from established brands like Bosch, Champion, and Motorcraft.

Where can I buy NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs?

NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs are available for purchase through various online retailers such as Amazon. When purchasing through affiliated links, customers may also contribute to affiliate earnings with programs like eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates.

How can I find the best deals on NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs?

To find the best deals on NGK 7755 BKR4ESA-11 spark plugs, it’s advisable to compare prices across online platforms. Prices can vary significantly based on pack size and the retailer, ranging from approximately USD 5.90 to USD 46.63. Searching for promotions and discounts can also lead to price savings.

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