NGK 3410 B4-LM Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference

When it comes to maintaining my vehicle, I know that every part matters, especially when selecting the right spark plug. That’s why I turn to the NGK B4-LM nickel spark plug for reliable performance. Today, I want to share insights on the NGK 3410 B4-LM cross reference, ensuring you have every resource at your disposal to make an informed decision about your spark plug needs.

The B4-LM NGK cross reference guide provides a comprehensive list of alternative spark plugs that are compatible with your engine. Knowing the specifics, such as the thread diameter of 14mm and thread reach of 11.2mm, allows us to make precise comparisons. The flat seat type and 21mm hex size of the NGK 3410 spark plug are essential for proper fitting, while the non-projected tip configuration and removable terminal type add to its versatility. This guide isn’t just a list; it’s a crucial tool for engine care.

Key Takeaways

  • The NGK 3410 B4-LM cross reference guide is essential for finding compatible spark plug alternatives.
  • Accurate measurements like the 14mm thread diameter and 11.2mm thread reach are vital in spark plug selection.
  • The NGK B4-LM nickel spark plug features a flat seat type, non-projected tip, and a removable terminal for versatile use.
  • Consult the B4-LM NGK cross reference guide to ensure the correct application and specifications for your vehicle.
  • Quality matters, which is why NGK’s technical excellence and durable construction make it a top choice for my vehicle.

Understanding the NGK 3410 B4-LM Spark Plug Specifications

When I choose spark plugs for my vehicle, precision is paramount. That’s why I delve deeply into the NGK 3410 B4-LM specifications, ensuring every aspect of its craftsmanship aligns with my engine’s needs. Let’s examine the details that define the NGK B4-LM plug construction and its application in advanced NGK spark plug technology.

  • The spark plug thread size plays a critical role in compatibility. With a thread diameter of 14mm and a thread reach of 11.2mm, the B4-LM is meticulously engineered for a precise fit.
  • For secure seating in the engine’s cylinder head, this plug boasts a flat seat type along with a substantial 21mm hex size, facilitating effortless installation and removal.
  • A non-projected tip configuration is central to its design, moderating heat transfer and optimizing the plug’s efficiency in various operating conditions.
  • The NGK B4-LM plug features an 18.5mm insulator length, constructed to maintain the integrity of the spark gap in high-energy ignitions systems.
  • An adaptable connection is guaranteed, due to the removable terminal type, which allows for seamless integration with diverse ignition systems.

The fusion of these elements results in a spark plug that embodies NGK’s commitment to quality and technical excellence. This dedication to excellence is not only apparent in specifications but also in the plug’s extensive cross-compatibility with various engines, as showcased in the comprehensive cross-reference data below.

Brand Model Equivalent to NGK 3410 B4-LM
ACDelco LM46 Yes
Champion J19LM Yes
Bosch 0241225551 Yes
Denso W14LMU Yes
Motorcraft A7LM Yes

As part of my commitment to ensuring my engine performs optimally, I trust in NGK’s advanced technology and comprehensive specifications to provide the reliability and performance I expect from a leading spark plug manufacturer.

An In-Depth Look at NGK Spark Plug Technology and Quality

As an auto enthusiast, I appreciate the premier components that contribute to my vehicle’s optimal performance. That’s why I rely on NGK’s rich history of delivering high-caliber spark plug technology and quality that echoes their reputation as a global leader in the automotive industry. Let’s dive deeper into the details that make NGK spark plugs a cut above the rest.

The Role of High-Quality Materials in NGK Spark Plugs

NGK doesn’t compromise on quality. Their use of high-quality spark plug materials is a testament to their dedication to engineering excellence. The spark plug insulators, crafted from 99 percent pure alumina silicate, offer superior strength and thermal conductivity, extending their longevity. This material, resistant to thermal shock and electrical insulation, ensures that each durable NGK spark plug stands up to the harsh conditions inside a combustion engine without fail.

  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion: Ensures longer life and performance stability.
  • Longer insulator noses: Helps in reducing fouling, a common plight that impedes spark plug efficiency.
  • Premium construction: Offers unparalleled durability against physical and chemical wear.

How NGK’s Advanced Features Improve Engine Performance

NGK incorporates Advanced NGK spark plug features to bolster engine efficacy. The triple gasket sealing process is a fine example, meticulously designed to eliminate fuel leakage. This feature, coupled with a solid copper core, enhances heat dissipation and maximizes the transfer of energy for an effective spark. Collectively, the advancements contribute to improved engine performance with NGK spark plugs, which steadily deliver potent ignition cycles.

  • Triple gasket sealing: Prevents leakage and maintains combustion integrity.
  • Solid copper core: Assists in greater thermal conductivity and removes excess heat.
  • Resistor of glass and carbon mixture: Optimizes electrical properties for stable firing.

The Importance of Choosing OEM-Quality Spark Plugs

Selection impacts performance; hence, choosing the right NGK spark plug is crucial. NGK’s adherance to OEM-quality spark plug standards reassures that each spark plug is capable of meeting stringent manufacturer requirements. These standards not only signify a commitment to excellence but also proclaim the trust that leading automotive manufacturers place in NGK’s dependable products.

  • NGK’s OEM spark plug standards: Ensures compatibility and reliability for various vehicles.
  • Recommended by professionals: Sought after in motorsports and by automotive technicians.
  • Widespread acceptance: Acknowledged by major car makers for factory installation.

NGK, therefore, encapsulates what it means to provide products that ensure consistent NGK spark plug performance, a non-negotiable aspect for my vehicle’s engine. Below is a table demonstrating a selection of alternative spark plugs that share similar specifications with the NGK spark plug model B4-LM.

Equivalent Specifications NGK 3410 B4-LM Alternative Models
Thread Diameter 14mm Standard for most compatible models
Thread Reach 11.2mm Varies, matching alternatives available
Hex Size 21mm Common match for easy replacement
Insulator Length 18.5mm Similar dimensions for comparable performance

In conclusion, when I prioritize my engine’s health and performance, I turn to NGK for a spark plug that promises and delivers excellence.

Comprehensive Cross-Reference List for NGK 3410 B4-LM Spark Plug

One of the crucial steps I take in maintaining optimal engine performance is ensuring the right spark plug is in use. To assist fellow enthusiasts, I’ve compiled a thorough NGK 3410 cross-reference list to find NGK B4-LM 3410 spark plug equivalents. This list simplifies the process of selecting an alternative spark plug from different brands that matches the specifications of the original NGK component.

The spark plug cross-reference serves as a valuable tool, especially when the preferred NGK spark plug might not be readily available or when exploring options for cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Below you’ll find a detailed table featuring a selection of widely recognized brands and the corresponding models that are compatible alternatives to the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug.

Brand Model Equivalent to NGK 3410 B4-LM
ACDelco LM46 Yes
ACDelco LM49 Yes
Autolite 3666 Yes
Autolite 456 Yes
Beru Z83 Yes
Bosch 0241225551 Yes
Champion J19LM Yes
Denso W14LMU Yes
Motorcraft A7LM Yes

It is worth noting that the cross references are for general reference only and checking for the correct application is crucial before making a final decision. The measurements, specifications, and engine compatibility are factors that should be corroborated to ensure seamless integration and function.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or need more in-depth information on particular model equivalencies, or additional guidance on how to ensure compatibility, please contact the relevant customer support. They would provide precise data tailored to your vehicle’s requirements, ensuring optimal engine health and longevity with the correct spark plug choice.

Maximizing Engine Health with Proper Spark Plug Selection

Securing optimal engine performance hinges on my carefully tailored choices, which extends to spark plug selection. Through my understanding of spark plug heat range interpretation, I ensure that my NGK spark plugs operate with peak efficiency, effectively mitigating common issues like fouling and unnecessary fuel leakage. NGK spark plugs, renowned for superior design, offer a range of heat settings that cater to various engine designs and driving conditions.

My commitment to engine efficiency with NGK spark plugs involves selecting a plug with an appropriate heat range. This integral process determines how well the spark plug can handle engine heat—selecting a spark plug that is too hot could lead to spark plug pre-ignition, while too cold a plug can cause fouling. The right NGK spark plug must be capable of reaching, maintaining, and dissipating heat at rates conducive to my engine’s health. Optimal NGK spark plug selection is thus a critical component of nuanced vehicle care.

By fine-tuning my vehicle with the ideal NGK plug, I not only boost longevity but also enhance performance. Emphasizing the importance of precise, personalized plug selection ensures that my engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably over time. As I continue to navigate the complexities of vehicle maintenance, NGK stands as a trustworthy beacon for achieving a harmonious balance between vigor and vehicular well-being.


What is the thread size of the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug?

The thread size of the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug is 14mm in diameter.

Can the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug be used in place of other brands’ spark plugs?

Yes, the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug has a comprehensive cross-reference list, making it compatible with several other brands and models, but always ensure to verify against the correct application and measurements for your engine.

What materials are used in the insulator of NGK spark plugs?

NGK uses high-grade materials such as 99 percent pure alumina silicate in their spark plug insulators to combat fouling and ensure durability.

What are the NGK spark plug technology advancements that improve engine performance?

NGK spark plugs feature a triple gasket sealing process, a solid copper core, and special resistors made from a glass and carbon mixture. These advancements prevent fuel leakage, provide superior heat dispersion, and enhance durability for improved engine performance.

Why is it important to choose OEM-quality spark plugs like NGK?

Choosing OEM-quality spark plugs like NGK is crucial because it ensures that the plugs are designed to meet stringent specifications and endorsed by automotive professionals, providing optimal performance and reliability for your vehicle.

Can you provide examples of other spark plugs equivalent to the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug?

Examples of spark plugs equivalent to the NGK 3410 B4-LM include the ACDelco LM49, Autolite 456, Beru Z83, Bosch 0241225551, Champion J19LM, Denso W14LMU, and Motorcraft A7LM, among others.

How does the heat range of a spark plug affect engine performance?

The heat range of a spark plug influences engine performance by affecting how the spark plug operates within the engine. The correct heat range helps prevent issues like fuel leakage, fouling, and ensures proper heat dissipation, maintaining engine health and efficiency.

What is the insulator length of the NGK B4-LM 3410 spark plug?

The insulator length of the NGK B4-LM 3410 spark plug is 18.5mm.

Does the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug have a removable terminal?

Yes, the NGK 3410 B4-LM spark plug features a removable terminal type, offering adaptability in connection methods.

Why is it necessary to cross-reference spark plugs?

Cross-referencing spark plugs is necessary to ensure compatibility with your engine, as it helps find suitable substitutes that match the specifications required for optimal engine performance.

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