NGK 4549 CR7HSA Cross Reference

NGK 4549 CR7HSA Cross Reference

Spark plugs are essential components in the functioning of internal combustion engines. Among the numerous options available, the NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug stands out for its reliability and performance.

NGK 4549 CR7HSA Cross Reference Chart

Cross-referencing spark plugs is crucial for finding compatible alternatives. The NGK 4549 CR7HSA has several cross-referenced options, ensuring compatibility with a variety of engines.

BrandPart Number
Arctic Cat0217-726
AC DelcoR44XLS

For the full NGK cross-referencing, visit the NGK Spark Plugs cross-reference.

NGK 4549 CR7HSA Nickel Spark Plug Specs

The NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug is known for its high-quality construction and performance.

Thread Diameter10mm
Thread Pitch1.0mm
Seat TypeGasket
Reach12.7mm (1/2″)
Hex Size5/8″ (16mm)
Terminal TypeThreaded Stud
Overall HeightISO
Gap.028″ (0.7mm)
Resistor Value5k Ohm
Heat Range7
Torque SpecsCast Iron: 7.2-10.8 lb. ft.
Aluminum: 7.2-8.7 lb. ft.
Warranty60 Days
Longevity30k Miles

Some of its notable specifications include:

  • Thread Diameter: 10mm
  • Thread Pitch: 1.0mm
  • Seat Type: Gasket
  • Reach: 12.7mm
  • Hex Size: 5/8″ (16mm)
  • Terminal Type: Threaded Stud
  • Gap: .028″ (0.7mm)
  • Material: Nickel
  • Heat Range: 7

These specifications ensure that the spark plug delivers optimal performance, longevity, and compatibility with a wide range of engines. For detailed information about the NGK 4549 CR7HSA, visit

NGK 4549 CR7HSA Spark Plug Fitment

The NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug is compatible with a wide array of vehicles, including various models of motorcycles, ATVs, and small engines. Some of the compatible vehicles include:

  • Polaris Ranger 150 EFI (2018-2020)
  • KYMCO Agility 125 (2006-2017)
  • Honda TRX90X (2009, 2012-2014)
  • Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly (2004-2013)
  • Kawasaki KFX50 (2007-2017, 2019)
Textron Alterra 902018
Polaris Ranger 150 EFI2018-2020
Polaris ACE 1502017-2019
KYMCO Agility 125 Carry2015
Arctic Cat Alterra 902017, 2020
Kawasaki KLX140G2017-2019
Arctic Cat 902015-2016
LEM Condor Kid2011-2013
LEM Condor Boy2011-2013
KYMCO Like 200i2013
KYMCO Super 8 1502009, 2011
KYMCO Sento 502009-2012
KYMCO People S 502006-2009
KYMCO People S 2002006-2010
KYMCO People S 1252006-2009
KYMCO People 1502002-2012
KYMCO Like 200i LX2012-2013
KYMCO Agility 502008, 2012
KYMCO Agility 1252006-2017
E-TON Sport 1502010
E-TON Sport 502010
KYMCO Mongoose 90 R2012-2013
Honda TRX90X2009, 2012-2014
E-TON Viper 902006-2007
E-TON Viper 90 Silver Series2010
E-TON Viper 70 4-Stroke2010
E-TON Viper 90R 4-Stroke2010
E-TON Viper 70 Silver Series2010
Can-Am DS 90 X2010-2011
Yamaha YFM90 Raptor2009-2013
LEM Condor R2009-2010
Arctic Cat DVX 90 SE2009
Arctic Cat 90 2×4 SE2009
Suzuki DR-Z702008-2009, 2015-2017
LEM Cayman S2008
KYMCO Maxxer 502008
LEM Cayman R2008
Kawasaki KLX1402008-2009, 2011-2019
Kawasaki KLX140L2008-2009, 2011-2019
KYMCO Mongoose 702007-2010, 2013
Kawasaki KFX902007-2017, 2019
Kawasaki KFX502007-2009, 2013-2017, 2019
Honda TRX90EX Sportrax2007-2008
E-TON Rover2007-2010
Yamaha TTR50E2006-2009, 2012-2019
Honda NSF1002006
Arctic Cat DVX 502006
Arctic Cat DVX 902006-2008, 20
Arctic Cat DVX 902010-2017
Arctic Cat 50 2×42006, 2008
Arctic Cat 90 2×4 4-Stroke2006-2008, 2010-2014
Yamaha YFM80 Grizzly2005-2008
SDG Pro Mini 1252005
SDG Lil Mini 502005
SDG Speed Mini 1072005
Polaris Phoenix 2002005-2010
Yamaha YFM80W Raptor2004-2008
Yamaha YFM50 Raptor2004-2008
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly2004-2013
KYMCO Mongoose 902004-2010
Honda CRF80F2004-2009, 2011
Honda CRF100F2004-2009, 2011
Yamaha TTR125E2003-2009
Yamaha TTR125LE2003-2009, 2011-2019
Bombardier DS90 4-Stroke2002
Yamaha TTR125L2000-2009
Yamaha TTR1252000-2004
Honda TRX90 Sportrax1993-2006
Honda XR80R1985-2003
Honda XR801982-1984
Honda P501968

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug correctly is crucial for optimal engine performance. It’s important to adhere to the specified torque specs to avoid damaging the engine:

  • Cast Iron: 7.2-10.8 lb. ft.
  • Aluminum: 7.2-8.7 lb. ft.

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of spark plugs is essential for engine health. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly check the spark plug gap and adjust as necessary.
  • Replace spark plugs as per the manufacturer’s recommendation or if you notice signs of wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I replace my NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug?
A: It’s recommended to replace spark plugs every 30,000 miles or as per your vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines.

Q: Can I use the NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug for my motorcycle?
A: Yes, this spark plug is compatible with various motorcycles. Check your motorcycle’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

Q: Where can I buy the NGK 4549 CR7HSA spark plug?
A: You can purchase it from various online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

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