NGK 3510 B6S Nickel Spark Plug Cross Reference

As an aficionado of automotive maintenance, I often rely on a comprehensive NGK spark plug chart to determine the appropriate replacements for my vehicle. The NGK 3510 B6S spark plug is a prime example of this, with multiple cross references, including the Prestolite 14-4 and ACDelco B43 models. However, it’s imperative to emphasize that these NGK plug cross references serve merely as a starting point. Always remember, the NGK 3510 B6S cross reference is intended for general guidance. As the final decision lies with me – the installer – I make it a point to verify the correct specifications and measurements to ensure a flawless fit and optimal performance for my specific application.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the NGK 3510 B6S cross reference as a general guide and verify for accuracy.
  • NGK spark plug chart is a helpful tool for finding compatible replacements.
  • Double-check specifications and measurements for the specific application.
  • NGK plug cross reference should be cross-checked for absolute correctness.
  • Installation success hinges on the precision and compatibility of the chosen spark plug.

Understanding NGK 3510 B6S Spark Plug Specifications

As a dedicated gearhead, I recognize it’s crucial to comprehend the specifics when it comes to spark plugs. The NGK 3510 B6S emerges as a prominent replacement candidate for various applications, like the Toyota 90098-20276. To ensure engine compatibility and peak performance, I always make a point to verify the details using tools like the NGK spark plug finder. These tiny components are pivotal to engine operation, and as such, accurate data is the backbone of a successful installation.

As a cornerstone of my maintenance regimen, I utilize the **NGK spark plugs cross reference** to identify potential equivalents. However, I’ve learned that while a cross reference, such as identifying an NGK B6S equivalent, offers a groundwork for finding alternatives, it’s merely the first step in the selection process. Let’s scrutinize the specifics that discern whether a spark plug is a precise match for our automotive needs.

**Spark Plug Specification Table:**

Attribute Description
NGK Part Number NGK 3510 B6S
Material Nickel
Heat Range Standard
Thread Diameter 14mm
Reach 9.5mm (3/8″)
Hex Size 20.8mm (13/16″)
Terminal Type Removable Nut
Gap Factory Pre-set

Given the diversity of engine configurations out there, I also consider the following points during my evaluation:

  • Thread and reach measurements are foundational for a physical match.
  • Proper gap spacing is paramount for the ideal spark and ignition.
  • Choosing a material such as nickel, which is common for the NGK 3510 B6S, affects longevity and performance.
  • The terminal type – whether a solid or removable nut, influences connectivity and compatibility.

No two engines are identical, much like no two spark plugs are the same. I take the cross reference process seriously, ensuring the spark plug not only fits but also matches the engine’s firing needs. When it’s time to replace the existing spark plugs, the NGK B6S equivalent models provide a spectrum of options, but the ultimate choice rests on matching the entire set of specifications to my engine’s particular criteria.

I circle back to the credo that rumbles at the core of every task I undertake: precision equals performance, and with every tweak and turn, I nail down the specifics that elevate my vehicle’s operation. It’s not just about finding “a” spark plug; it’s about finding “the” spark plug that corresponds impeccably with my engine’s heartbeat.

Comprehensive NGK to Champion Cross Reference

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and finding the right spark plugs, the **NGK to Champion cross reference** is an invaluable resource. As a seasoned mechanic, I often turn to this guide to find compatible Champion replacements for the widely respected NGK spark plugs. Among the prevalent options is the direct cross between the NGK spark plug interchange and Champion, pinpointing models like the Champion J8C that are suitable substitutes for the NGK 3510 B6S.

Identifying Compatible Champion Spark Plugs

Champion spark plugs, known for their reliability and performance, offer various models that match the specifications of their NGK counterparts. In my vast replacement tasks, which include cross referencing, I’ve found that the NGK B6S corresponds to several Champion products. This fact underlines the importance of the NGK to Champion cross reference to ensure precise compatibility and optimal spark plug performance for an array of engines.

  • Champion J8C is a frequently encountered alternative for the NGK B6S.
  • Accessibility is bolstered through platforms like Amazon, presenting a diverse selection for consumers.
  • Trustworthy cross referencing is a standard approach adopted by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Performance Comparisons Between NGK and Champion Plugs

The NGK 3510 B6S and the Champion J8C, while similar in application, might exhibit distinction in their **performance characteristics**. I meticulously assess these attributes, including the construction materials and the design features, which play a vital role in the efficiency and longevity of the spark plug. Champion’s J8C model, for example, might offer a different performance profile than the NGK B6S, necessitating thorough analysis prior to making a decision.

Feature NGK 3510 B6S Champion J8C
Material Nickel Copper Plus
Design Standard projected Non-projected tip
Heat Range Standard Standard
Resistor Yes No

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Brands

Deciding between the NGK and Champion spark plug brands isn’t just a mere toss-up. It demands a careful consideration of a multitude of **factors**, including my vehicle’s specific engine requirements, the driving conditions I frequently encounter, and not least, the performance attributes I value most. The comparative cost also plays a pivotal role in the selection process, therefore I always weigh these variables diligently before deciding.

  • Assess compatibility with your vehicle’s engine make and model.
  • Evaluate what performance characteristics are most critical for your driving habits.
  • Carefully consider the value proposition relative to the price point of each option.
  • The installer’s specific requirements are always the deciding factor in the cross-reference journey.

Exploring NGK to Denso Spark Plug Equivalents

In my journey as a car enthusiast, venturing into the minutiae of spark plug compatibility is a quest for precision and engine optimization. It’s fascinating how a single part, seemingly so small, holds the capacity to significantly influence engine performance. Recently, my exploration brought me to draw comparisons between NGK and Denso spark plugs. Specifically, I delved into the world of NGK to Denso cross reference, finding spark plug equivalents that can either replace or be replaced by another without a hitch.

The **NGK to Denso cross reference** guides those of us who are careful about which spark plugs we deposit into the heart of our vehicles. For example, when inspecting the cross-compatibility for Toyota’s replacement spark plug 90098-20276, I discovered its Denso equivalent, the W16S-U, is also interchangeable with the NGK B6S, affirming the adaptability NGK has across prominent spark plug brands.

However, I never take these guides at face value. Reminding myself to proceed with caution, I always double-check the specifications to avoid any mismatches that could lead to engine performance issues. Here’s what I found when analyzing the **Denso and NGK spark plug equivalents**:

Toyota Part Number Denso Equivalent NGK Equivalent
Toyota 90098-20276 Denso W16S-U NGK B6S

Encapsulating my findings into a more comprehensive view, I put together a list highlighting the particularities encountered during my examination:

  • **Denso W16S-U** is the direct Denso alternative for the NGK B6S, an intriguing discovery for those in need of a robust cross reference.
  • Aligning with the NGK to Denso cross reference embodies a strategy to broaden the availability of suitable options while ensuring engine compatibility.
  • Understanding the importance of correlating heat ranges and electrode designs between the NGK and Denso options prevents untimely wear and suboptimal engine performance.
  • Prices can vary between brands, and it’s my responsibility to evaluate whether the cost differential justifies any perceived advantages in longevity or performance.

Embarking on the quest for the perfect spark plug is a detail-oriented mission. Leveraging the **NGK to Denso cross reference** unfurls a range of spark plug equivalents at my disposal. While impressive in its scope, I take this data with the gravity it deserves, ensuring each matched pair abides by the stringent requirements of my vehicle’s engine. After all, securing the right spark plug isn’t merely a matter of fit—it’s about honoring the intricate dance of combustion that powers every drive.

Evaluating Prestolite and ACDelco Spark Plug Interchangeability with NGK

In my endeavor to explore the vast sphere of automotive maintenance, I recently found myself delving into the nuances of the Prestolite spark plug interchange and ACDelco compatible plugs, specifically how they relate to the trusted NGK spark plug cross reference. During my assessment, the interchangeability of both Prestolite 14-4 and ACDelco B43 models with the NGK 3510 B6S became apparent. This correlation is especially pivotal for those of us in pursuit of the precise spark plug fit for our vehicular needs.

The cross-referencing journey demands an in-depth consideration of multiple key attributes. It is not just about matching part numbers – I have learned that specifications such as thread size, heat range, and electrode material are equally critical. My experience indicates that such specificities are what differentiate a good engine performance from a great one. That’s why the selection process, which encompasses brands like Prestolite, ACDelco, and NGK, involves a rigorous comparison of these brands’ offerings against my vehicle’s engine and driving conditions.

Ultimately, it’s the attention to detail that yields the best results. Whether I am considering a Prestolite spark plug interchange or evaluating ACDelco compatible plugs, my decision is guided by a combination of trusted NGK spark plug cross reference charts and the manufacturer’s specifications for my engine. It’s a meticulous process, but one that ensures I make the right choice for my vehicle’s needs, providing the assurance of optimal functionality and reliability for every journey I embark upon.


What are some cross-references for the NGK 3510 B6S spark plug?

The NGK 3510 B6S spark plug can cross-reference with Prestolite 14-4, ACDelco B43, and Champion J8C, among others. Always ensure to check specifications for the correct application.

Can I find a cross-reference chart for NGK spark plugs?

Yes, NGK provides a cross-reference chart that can be accessed online. This chart can help in finding NGK spark plug equivalents or corresponding models from other brands.

How do I use the NGK spark plug finder?

The NGK spark plug finder is an online tool where you input your vehicle or spark plug information to find the correct NGK replacement. It’s a convenient way to search for the right spark plug for your application.

Are NGK spark plugs equivalent to Champion spark plugs in performance?

NGK and Champion spark plugs might have equivalent models, but their performance can vary due to materials, design, and specifications. A detailed comparison is recommended for your specific needs.

What should I consider when choosing between NGK and Champion spark plugs?

When deciding between NGK and Champion, consider factors such as your engine compatibility, the performance characteristics you prefer, and the value for your price point.

How do I find NGK spark plug equivalents for Denso plugs?

You can use online cross-reference tools or check the NGK cross-reference chart to find equivalents for Denso plugs. For instance, the Denso W16S-U is equivalent to NGK B6S.

Are Prestolite and ACDelco spark plugs interchangeable with NGK?

Certain models of Prestolite and ACDelco spark plugs may be used as substitutes for NGK spark plugs, but it’s critical to verify the compatibility by checking the specifications and measurements given for each brand.

What attributes should I look for when cross-referencing Prestolite and ACDelco spark plugs with NGK?

Look for the physical dimensions, heat range, and electrode material when cross-referencing. Ensure that the replacement plug matches the original plug’s specifications to maintain engine performance.

How do I ensure that the replacement spark plug fits my vehicle’s needs?

To ensure the replacement spark plug fits your vehicle’s needs, consider your vehicle’s engine specifications, typical driving conditions, and the specific features offered by Prestolite, ACDelco, or NGK spark plugs.

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